Eurogamer's Virtual Console Roundup

Pokemon Snap

"It's obviously better value now than when it was first released, but there's still not enough gameplay here to justify its place in the top VC price bracket. Cute, but far from essential."

Score: 6/10

Top Hunter

"You can tackle the four themed worlds in any order you fancy, which is just as well since things can get a bit hectic and busy rather too soon, but this is one expensive VC release that almost justifies its price. Put it this way - you could probably release the exact same game on Live Arcade for 800 points and few would complain."

Score: 7/10

Mega Man 2

"There's plenty on offer - nine worlds, including super boss dude Dr Wily - but its innate charms are slightly spoiled by the crude gameplay mechanics. Ideal, then, for elderly gamers who want to remember the good old days but not much else."

Score: 6/10

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