Has Resident Evil 6 killed off Operation Raccoon City?

OXM UK: "Resident Evil 6 will probably carry the day in terms of scores and sales - if nothing else, it's building on surer foundations - but we'd hate to see Operation Raccoon City snuff it on the strength of Capcom's promotion schedule alone. Here, then, are a few ways Slant Six's effort could KO its better-fed numbered stablemate."

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Baka-akaB2385d ago

Nope , i've yet to see many fans being even remotely excited by raccoon city .

The studio behind it , isnt that exciting , and while RE is going full action , raccoon seems even more at odds , wich doesnt help in this case .

It's some spin off that might as well be a PSN/XBL game , even if i have no doubt it will sell

StitchJones2385d ago

/6 is a joke of a developer. Socom:Confrontation was an awful mess of a game and despite the tons of patches and updates released for it. It killed the series. I am sure without a doubt that this RE title is going to tank. Watch for the reviews and general reception, my words now will be proof in the pudding.

2385d ago
D3mons0ul2385d ago

God, one look at how bad the blood decals are is enough to deter me from this game.

I love the concept but god damn...