Kinect Arrives on Windows PC Format

Microsoft Studios has today launched the Kinect for Windows commercial program. Now any business can join innovation leaders, such as United Health Group, American Express, Mattel, Telefonica, and Toyota that already are developing applications with Kinect for Windows. As part of the Kinect for Windows early adoption program, over three hundred companies from more than twenty five countries are exploring ways to improve internal operations, build new customer experiences, and potentially revolutionise their industries.

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KillerPwned2356d ago

Only for the price of what a 32inch LCD will run you! ^.^

coolbeans2356d ago

Why don't we act like this whenever each new CPU or GPU comes out at a higher price and may only boost its predecessor's performance by 10%?

ninjahunter2356d ago

Because those actually make a difference.

coolbeans2356d ago

^And a new motion perhipheral doesn't make a difference? The logic I presented is concrete. There's thousands upon thousands of better things we could be doing with our money; Kinect isn't the worst of the culprits.

ZippyZapper2356d ago

Actually it was on Windows a week after Kinect released. Nice to see MS catch up and support it like they should have done day 1.