GameSpot: SoulCalibur V Review

GameSpot: Several new faces and game mechanics make SoulCalibur V the most robust chapter in this 3D weapon-based fighting series.

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Baka-akaB2270d ago

ah yeah , those guys that kept having erroneous facts about the game in their previews , and didnt even know how to play , despite pretending to be long time players

oricon2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Yeah that's why i don't really care for reviews in fighting games, because most of the people who review the game can't even play fighting games at a basic level, i rather just see how the game is accepted by the fighting game community if i wanted a opinion to whether to purchase.

I hate how fighting subjected to this if a fighting game is too hard to play, it usually gets lower review score the games need to be more casual to get higher, they need to add modes that hold your hand every step of the way to play the games, by the way not talking about this review im talking about fighting game reviews in generals, i don't see these type of complaints in FPS, so developers tend to make games a lot more easier and add things such as comeback mechanics, if players are so hardcore gamers why do fighting games have to be more casual friendly unlike FPS or w/e.

Baka-akaB2270d ago

i dont mind them not knowing how to play ... it could be argued that's it's part of their job to represent beginners .

Where it gets truly worthless is how they can't get their facts checked , and pretend they even know anything about the game .

They'll lazily copy/paste about a sequel being more of the same , weither or not in FG communities there could be some debate about very major changes .

How would they know after all ? they didnt even know how to play sc1-4 , so wouldnt notice a damn thing .

TheBlackSmoke2269d ago

Agree with everything said above me, plus the fact that still in this day and age mainstream journalists make "teh modes" the most important and coveted thing in the world when it comes to fighting games. They will casually say that the gameplay is great and then moan for 90% of the review that there's no skyrim like mode single player content.

Look at Mortal Kombat for example, it had praise shining out of its ass however the core things that actual fighting gamers who dont just jump on the flavour of the month want ie; Online that actually works and a good training mode are overlooked like they are minor issues.

Fast forward now and that game is DEAD, all the story mode fangirls moved on to their 10th COD title now (which always gets at least an 8 minimum whilst ALWAYS being the same POS) and everyone else who wanted to play this seriously has given up because it is unplayable.

And yeah just refferring back to gamespots SCV preview video, WTF WERE YOU TALKING ABOUT GAMESPOT? a bunch of hipster D-bags BSing their way through a 20 minute segment talking the absolute most crap iv'e ever heard. In future if you dont understand the subject remove yourself from the conversation instead of straight lying to your audience.

Legionaire20052269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

well they got some blonde her chick that is pretty much her. lol

Legionaire20052269d ago

For a fighter like this that got 7.5 at least the online is near lag free(almost no lags!!!). They sure did a better job for online than Midway did with Mortal Kombat!!! Man that game's online was a hot mess. It was too confusing!!! and too lag!!!Marvel vs Capcom 3 was laggy too(they gave it an 8.5) Which had nothing other than arcade mode or mission mode that just sucks, and the online lobby lack a spectator mode, but rip gamers off with an ultimate addition the same year and still has not improve much. They gave that 8.0.