Asura’s Wrath Preview [PlaystationBuzz]

Rage-fuelled Asura will not be stopped by any force.

Asura's Wrath is an action video game collaboration between CyberConnect2 and Capcom that was first announced at the Tokyo Game Show in 2010. The game is slated to release on February 21, 2012 in North America and February 24, 2012 in Europe.

With Cyberconnect 2, the chaps who give us Naruto games and the well know Capcom, One can only imagine what kind of powers Asura will be loaded with. Asura’s Wrath anime style is slightly more scratchy and mature than that of the Naruto games, but it’s just as ferocious and appealing, and the combat is button-mash friendly, with the higher ranking available to people who show a bit of skill.Asura’s Wrath seems like a mixture of Naruto, God of war, Castlvania and Street fighter but on Steroids .

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fei-hung2359d ago

Was looking forward to it until I played the demo. It looks like a last gen game with button mashing and qte's. I cant beliueve how empty and bland the enviroments are and how flat a lot of the textures are.

As for the gameplay, I was hoping it would be more like the original dmc's and GOW than the button mash they hsve opted for.

Worse yet is the rinse and repeat tie in story. Meet a boss, get angry, fight, shoot, qte,get ready to die, flash back of ure daughter, get really angry, beat the boss

It works with anime cartoons as the formula is on repeat over several 20minute episodes and series but in a game which will surely be no longer than 8-10hrs with several bosses, this will become old and cheesy.

Looks like my only japanese hack n slash, crazy action game hope is with the dmc hd collection and MGR.

fei-hung2358d ago

Would have been more interesting had Cyberconnect made an effort with the game. Its like finally meeting the woman u been speaking online with. She said she had brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin and she was curvey. When you meet her she is everything she said but she is a tranny. How angry, upset and heartbroken would you be? Lol

This is how i felt with Asura's Crap. The only thing Crapcom seemed to have gotten right is the dmc hd collection so far.

Bashiii2358d ago

lol brilliant example, do you think the full product have any hope, instead of the demo?

fei-hung2358d ago

Well it does if:

1) they release the game with better textures
2) they populate the enviroments so they aren't so empty and boring
3) they change the cutscenes during boss fights so dont keep getting the same "i was going to die,but then I remembered my daughter, I got angry and came back from near death to kick ass."
4) have decent combat mechanics similar to other hack nslash games.

So far it plays like giant qte set pieces with button bashing bonus and a lame executed story.

Lets see what the reviewers will say about it. And if you are looking for quirky jap stories but with a better story, invest in shadows of the damned. you would be a sucker not to!