God Of War HD Collection Becomes First Remastered Title To Reach Sales Milestone

This gen there have been numerous remastered ports of classic titles re-released on the PS3 and 360 but only one has moved a million copies.

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slutface2387d ago

Well deserved....just goes to show GOW series has legs and people are still interested

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KiasuKiasiMan2387d ago

Wasn't it the first ever HD Collection title? It was the one that started the trend of HD Remasters which are nice IMO.

Ares84HU2387d ago

I like them too, I don't know what people have against HD collections. You get more games on the same disc with HD graphics and trophies for $40 or less. How is that a bad thing???

TenSteps2387d ago

Yeah I don't see the problem. If one does not like it then can't that person simply not purchase it instead of complaining about it.

Larry L2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

I don't really think many people are against remakes/remasters at all. But I think SOME, like myself, are more wery of how many and more specifically WHICH games are being remade/remastered. I do like the GoW remasters, and it's nice to have the trophies and all the games on a single platform, so I'm not against the GoW ones at all. But to be fair, were any of those games really old enough to warrant the remasterings? IDK, but they're still good. And FFX is a great game to remaster/remake now. And as for the ICO collection, I think Shadow of the Colossus should have been a PS3 game to begin with, so I just bought that on PSN the other day now that I could get it apart from Ico for cheaper.

But the Jak games? Sly? Silent Hill? and a host of other? I honestly think some of these are a waste of gaming industry funds. But I suppose as long as they make money, they;re good for the industry.

And some of the games I see people request get remasters.....jeez. Sometimes it's just rediculous. On the PS Blog and PS related sites I always see people say they want Gran Turismo 1 2 or 3 remastered in HD.........even though Gran Turismo 5 exists which is basically "Best of GT HD"? Halo 2 HD? Really? Wasn't Halo 3 Halo 2 HD? So you're saying you want Halo 3 released again?.....WTF is going on in some people's brains?



GoW games didn't really start the trend of remakes. They've been happening for a LONG time in gaming. The earliest I can recall off the top of my head would be Final Fantasy 1 being remade to FF6 quality. But I'm sure there were a couple before that even. So remakes aren't a new trend. But it used to only happen to the best of the best classic games. The only new trend is the great number of games being remade, and it happening to some games which might not really warrant the remake.

ginsunuva2387d ago

Except for the thousands that bought these hd collections from psn, like myself, don't count here.

Nakiro2387d ago

I'm actually going through Titan mode in God of War II right now.. very unforgiving.

Ares84HU2387d ago

I didn't find titan mode in any GoW games hard. I got Platinum in all but one (Ghost of Sparta). Just missing one trophy.

Nakiro2387d ago

I got the Platinum, but you don't need to beat Titan mode for that.

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The story is too old to be commented.