PlayStation Vita Bundles – Where should you pre-order?

Numerous online retailers have started taking orders for Sony’s upcoming handheld PlayStation Vita, with many offering money-saving bundles that could save you a pretty penny. But where should you pre-order yours from?

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7bitarcade2359d ago

Just what I needed. Cheers guys.

Peppino72359d ago

Dumb question...
Can I use wifi on the 3g version if i want too?

coryok2359d ago

yes, of course. 3g sucks compared to wifi, it would be completely ridiculous to remove wifi from the 3g model, they wouldnt sell many 3g models like this lol

Optical_Matrix2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

If you live in the UK, Amazon. As the article says, they're doing a bundle. Wi-Fi Vita, Rayman Origins (or any other Ubisoft launch game) and an 8GB Memory Card for £234.

Smashbro292359d ago

Live in America? Gamestop or Amazon. 3G bundle. No brainer.

solidt122359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

yep 299 PSN game 8 gig card and free month of 3G. all win no lose. plus Gamestop is giving $100 off when you trade in a PSP. $200 for a 3G bundle or $150 for wifi only. even more win!!!!

HarvesterOSarow2359d ago

Wait is that trade in deal confirmed for the US? I thought the 4 games worth $8 or more, and system + 50% trade credit was only in Canada?

BrutallyBlunt2359d ago

Did we see these aggressive bundles and pre-order incentives for the Japan launch?

2359d ago
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