Crackle App Arrives on Xbox 360

Microsoft Studios has today announced the newly launched, customised entertainment app for the Xbox LIVE service, Crackle. Joining 4oD, Demand 5, LOVEFiLM,, YouTube, Netflix, BSkyB and more in the UK, Crackle is a Sony Pictures product which delivers global television entertainment to it’s users for free.

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Biohazard88602116d ago

crackle is a pretty good app but hopefully u dont need xbox live gold too use it.

betrayed gamer2116d ago

you do of course, and it's full of adds, also it has porn.................. i wonder if its going to get removed.
and when i say ads i mean 1 ad from that movie drive.

kevco332116d ago

Porn? Are you sure? I looked through all the content last night and didn't see any porn anywhere. Are you sure that's not just on the PC version or something?

xXtremeHDGamerXx2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Wow, I need Xbox live gold which cost money to use Crackle to watch free movies and TV shows on Xbox 360 but on PS3 I can use Crackle to watch free movies and TV shows for free two different ways 100% free.

SockeyBoy2116d ago

Your right but I doubt anyone would become a gold member to use Crackle haha.

fooxy2116d ago

Downloaded that app yesterday, no clue why would anybody wanna use it even for free, there is completely nothing to watch besides maybe 2 movies

mathsman2116d ago

I thought there was a couple of bits worth watching if nothing amazing.

And WHEN THE HELL did they make a live action version of The Tick?! We've only ever had the animated series over here in the UK, and even then it wasn't around for long...

MorningStar2116d ago

No idea if the US content for Crackle is the same as the UK but over here its a complete joke. Maybe 3 films worth watching rest are no-names and poor crap that studios giveaway free. Not trying to be horrible but I would like to know why they bother when their selection is hardly going to amaze anybody. I'm glad it's a free service if I had to pay a penny it would be too much. It is a nice app however. I like the "watch list". I just think their selection leaves something to be desired.