MediaKick Review: Amy

MediaKick: "Before reviewing a game I make an absolute rule that I shall read no other reviews, I do not want others opinions interfering with the ones I wish to form for myself. However, with this title, I confess, I had a quick peak at Metacritic before I knew I was reviewing it. Sure enough, this game has taken a battering from the press and users alike, which to me has left me confused and questioning my own experience with the title. So I turned my PlayStation 3 off and went away to start chipping away at the daily to do list and take a break from the title to take my mind off it. Later that day I returned to my PS3 knowing I could get the TV to myself and endure this survival horror as any game in the same genre should be endured – lights off, curtains closed and sound turned up. Another hour put into the game replaying the first chapters and I still have the same opinion; this game really is not as bad as it has been dubbed."

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