2012: The year of PlayStation 4?

Why next-gen begins at E3: PSM3 investigates PS4...

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Jake_the_Dog2389d ago

I'm sure it will be announced at E3 and release during Q4 2013.

HebrewHammer2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Nay. It'll be announced toward the end of 2013 with a holiday 2014 release (worldwide hopefully)

But personally, I'd be more than happy to ride this gen for another 2-3 years. I'm having a blast lol

CarlitoBrigante2388d ago

Indeed, PS3 is still alien technology. Just compare Uncharted 1 to UC3, epic graphics

Cant wait to see what this year brings, so many PS3 exclusives lol!

DeadlyFire2388d ago

I am betting Q4 2013 - Q2 2014. E3 2012 announcement either way.

I am hoping PS4 is Power8 powered. I notice all the Power7 rumors towards Xbox and WiiU for 2012/2013. Sony has no hardware rumors around so its not likely they have the final spec sheet even remotely ready yet or we would hear some kinda of rumors around the web as these things just kinda of come out as the lifeline progresses.

Shang-Long2388d ago

im a little disappointed a few games got left out this Gen.

we got so many great exclusive i know, so the ps4 library should be massive. but i hope ps4 is a year away at least

thedude442388d ago

the ps4 should come out 2013, there is no way a 2012 release date is good.

kaveti66162388d ago

not good in general or not good for you?

I think PS3/360 have done about all they can do without developers making huge concessions. Nothing can wow me on consoles anymore.

thedude442388d ago

not good for me, and not good in general :P

DebateMaster2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Not good in general. Just because most people on a gaming site are ready doesnt mean everyone else is.

Mikhail2388d ago

OFF-Topic: Since Kaz is now the new CEO..who will announce it?

PirateThom2388d ago

Andrew House is President and CEO of SCE. Kaz will probably still make an appearance though, PlayStation is too important for him to not show up in some form.

tweet752388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

my guess is PS4 will be "hinted" at E3 2012 and full reveal E3 2013 release holiday 2013

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The story is too old to be commented.