Fenix Rising DLC for Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360) Review By Canadian Online Gamers

Gear Of War 3

Fenix Rising is the third major game add-on for the highly popular Gears of War 3 machine. The new maps feature five new multiplayer maps inspired, in part, by the life and experiences of grizzled veteran COG Soldier Marcus Fenix. Fenix Rising also includes four character skins and a new addition to the experience system that allows players to rank up through level 100 a total of four times. It also allows players to unlock exclusive emblems and weapon skins.

COG recommended DLC purchase

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MySwordIsHeavenly2386d ago

I'll wait for the Fenix Down add-on.

Hufandpuf2386d ago


OT: The add-on is pretty good. New skins, great batch of levels with Horde mode included in each one. There's 4 new characters and one of Locusts wears a Thrashball uniform. A solid map pack with solid content.

MySwordIsHeavenly2386d ago

That's for the quick review. I can't wait to play around with this stuff!