Nintendo: Wii U Is Not a "Brute Force" Console.

Nintendo Admits: Wii U Will Not Compete Against PlayStation 4, Xbox Next

Nintendo has admitted that while its forthcoming Wii U game console will support high-definition graphics and will be rather powerful, it will not be able to compete with the next-generation systems from Microsoft Corp. or Sony Corp. in terms of performance as they will be ultra-powerful. Instead, Nintendo calls its approach balanced as it features both improvements and exclusive technologies.

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ChickeyCantor2391d ago

Nowhere do I read anything about "brute force".
Nintendo doesn't even know what the hardware of the other consoles is going to be.

Kain812391d ago

This is the Title the source has used, its not from me.
Nintendo in general is more about innovation than pure Evolution and i think this is their main Charm, at least for me

ChickeyCantor2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Im not calling you out on it.
Just that the writer is spinning the source.

No one knows what Sony or MS will do next.
So for Nintendo to say they aren't competing on a technical level is out of the blue.

Iwata was refering to the fact that while it is able to output HD, not all games need HD content.
And as usual Nintendo is just doing their own thing.

Colwyn2391d ago

Wii u will be powerful enough for the fans

ronin4life2390d ago

I take your comment as a complement.
I also think the wiiu will be powerful enough for me. ^_^

mike1up2390d ago

*... and the Grinch's heart grew 3 sizes that day... etc.*

I agree... Now go save Christmas!

MariaHelFutura2390d ago

I think Nintendo should just stop talking and show what it can do.

mike1up2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Nintendo is like that (ex)girlfriend that you never get rid of. Right now we are in the early dating stage.

When you first start dating everthing is fine. She tells you what you want to hear, makes all of those incredible promises...

Then you move into together, and you see her for exactly what she is.

You can either:

A. Hold her accountable for every single promise that she made. And constantly compare her to the other more "attractive" ladies on the market. Blaming her for not being them.


B. Remember and embrace the good old times that got you to that point. And never expect her to be someone other than herself.

gypsygib2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Well it already looks like the next Xbox and PS4 will be somewhat regular powered so Wii U can best be described as under powered.

Wii U will essentially be what the Wii was this gen in terms of power.

I guess Nintendo is forgoing major 3rd party support again.

2EHO2390d ago

Wow how you come up with that? Many developers have stated Nintendo personally asked them what they wanted from the hardware. Simply put the wii u will be able to run next gen engines and get third party games.....easy as that.m

gypsygib2389d ago

Wii U will be closer to PS3/360 than to PS4/NexBox

Wii was closer to PS2/Xbox than to PS3/360

.: Wii U seems to be analogous to what the Wii was this gen.

There are a lot of great games not on Wii because it lacks the power so when major 3rd party devs start making AAA games for the next-gen systems, Wii U likely won't have the power to support a version

Say by-by to games like RDR2, GTA6, Batmans, ACs, Mass Effects, Bioshocks, Oblivions or any multiplat made for PS4/NexBox in mind.

GameTavern2390d ago

So this is a game we can play?

Take a quote, interpret however we want, and then write an article explaining said quote based on how we want to read it.
And pass it off as official confirmation from the company?

pucpop2390d ago

not brute force, more date rape?

Rayko2390d ago

Well. Nintendo is good at making "FUNNY TO PLAY" videogames like Wii party, Wii sports etc. They also have the best first-party games. On the technical side they seem to not care that much about having the best visuals anymore. They rather do something new, which will enhance gameplay more and be more funny to play.

Microsoft will go for Kinect next generation with not so much power. PS4 might not even come out. Anyway Nintendos machine is a must and one out of microsofts or SONYs are a must as well, not both. I made a huge misstake buying both 360 and PS3 this gen. They are like twins but with a different look.

Mikhail2390d ago

I bought 360 and PS3 as well together with a gaming PC. Both offer unique things for me, well that's my view on it
360-some multiplats,kinect, exclusives
ps3-blue ray, exclusives, some multiplats
PC-Exclusives, most multiplats.

CGI-Quality2390d ago

I disagreed when you first said Nintendo has the best 1st party games (subjective regardless), but once you said "PS4 may not even come out", you completely lost me, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

OT: While I was initially excited for the Wii U before it was unveiled, if Nintendo can get some kind of controller that is able to work with most genres, I'll jump back on the bandwagon. I think they can hit all the right notes if they cater to all demographics.

Rainstorm812390d ago

" PS4 might not even come out "

*sniff* *sniff*......Do i smell a troll?

You cant be serious....or can u?

Rayko2390d ago

I have a PS3 and loved Heavy Rain and Uncharted a lot. I think I even have more PS3 games than Wii or Xbox 360 games. I hope a PS4 will come out for sure but rumours are heard that PS4 might not even come out, not from me but from others. Hope it will come out within the next 2 years at least and be a beast.

olLANDSHARKlo2390d ago

Rainstorm how is xbox live treating you nowadays, oh thats right, you got banned for burning games. Microsoft and Sony both know your burning games, but sony has done nothing, great service isn't it, let pirates and cheaters on their service. you better hope the PS4 comes out or you won't have a console to play on. You can check his old gamertag Rainstorm81 on xbox live or his new non gold account, cause he got banned Death Reignstrm, if you fanboys don't believe me.

BitbyDeath2390d ago

"PS4 might not even come out."

Some first party devs have already announced they are working on it. Those reports were false.

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