GameStop have sexist special offer on Twisted Metal

GameStop have a special offer on at the moment; if you pre-order Twisted Metal you get a discount on buying flowers.

The title of the promo email is “Send her flowers so you can game”, and the body of the text reminds you this is “a simple solution to that age-old question: game or girlfriend?”. The implication is pretty clear; shut her up with cheap pretty things as you play your videogame.

This is very, very sexist.

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TopDudeMan2358d ago

No, it isn't sexist. It is obviously being made jokingly. People who can't see that need to grow a sense of humour.

Snookies122358d ago

Thank you, that is all. XD

wardrox2357d ago

It's not sexist against women, says "TopDudeMan". Riiiight.

LightofDarkness2357d ago

You must have aching saddle sores from that high horse of yours. Do you get to take breaks or does your vocation as internet white-knight require that you ride it all day?

It's just a joke, loosen up.

TopDudeMan2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

You know that's not my actual name, riiiight? My name is making fun of people who add prefixes and suffixes when addressing their friends (or even total strangers).

Back on topic, I think the fact that we can have a joke around about stuff like this proves we are moving on from sexism as a civilisation. We have come a long way, I think.

What we don't need is a bunch of idiots running around correcting all political incorrectness when no one was even being offended in the first place.

BuffMordecai2357d ago

Feminazis have no sense of humor.

koehler832358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

No it isn't sexist. And this article shows a massive misunderstanding of the word.

Keep your self-righteous bullshit to yourself.

wardrox2357d ago

Definition for sexist: discriminatory on the basis of sex (usually said of men's attitude toward women).

Isn't the gender divide in the text for this promotion pretty much a perfect fit for the word "sexist"?

koehler832357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Do you even know what "Discriminatory" means?

It's only "discriminatory" if they offer the deal to guys and not to girls.

antz11042357d ago

What a load of garbage. Sensationalist journalism at its finest, nice try for hits.

Also theres no discrimination involved, Im sure female gamers could go in and order the flowers as well.

bobrea2358d ago

Not sexist at all, you idiot. Stop trying to make something out of nothing and never write another article.

Captain Qwark 92357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

oh my lol next thing you know they're going to say its discrimination too becuase its assuming a heterosexual relationship or becuase it says "for him" which is assuming there are no female gamers!

lmao people b*tch over the dumbest things, anyway though, kudos to gamestop. this is a sweet money saving deal for those who want twisted metal and have a gf.

brew2357d ago

Thank you white knight for standing up for women on the internet , lmao.

BuffMordecai2357d ago

The author is definitely going to get laid now.

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