Amazon UK Upgrading PlayStation Vita Orders, Announces New Bundle

Push Square: "If you thought North America was getting all the luck with regards to PlayStation Vita bundles, then you might like to take a note of an email we just received from this morning. According to the message, the online retailer is upgrading all PlayStation Vita pre-orders to include a free 8GB memory card and a discounted game."

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Optical_Matrix2270d ago

Just took part in the bundle and ordered a Wi-Fi Vita, 8GB Memory Card and Rayman Origins for £236. Such a big saving. I'm impressed.

get2sammyb2270d ago

Yeah, it's the best PS Vita bundle in the UK so far! :)

TheMrMadzen2270d ago

Cool offer, mediocre games, except for Rayman Origins. (I already have Rayman Origins on the PS3)

get2sammyb2270d ago

Virtua Tennis is really impressive. I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's one of the best looking launch titles by miles.

FriedGoat2270d ago

why is everyone forgetting lumines! If you need anygame to show off that screen lumines is the one.

Jdoki2269d ago

Lumines... Probably my most played game on PSP!! :)