Need for Speed: The Run adds some Italians to your garage, as long as you're on a PS3

GGTL: Today, EA has brought a bit of the old country to Need for Speed: The Run with the now available Italian Edition Pack. In addition to seven new Italian cars, there are also a handful of new race events. Curiously, the announcement only referenced the Playstation 3 version, with absolutely no mention of the Xbox 360 iteration.

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lorianguy2387d ago

At least it's well-priced. At least in my opinion.

I'm sure it'll come to Xbox eventually, despite the fact that MS said they won't offer any content originally exclusive to other platforms (timed or otherwise.)

arnyftw2387d ago

Back to Karkhand came to xbox so this will probably come as well.

KMCROC542387d ago

Screw crap it was pure garbage .

Skate-AK2387d ago

I like it. Not the greatest but I have fun racing.