The Last Of Us’ Joel is “a violent thug, a brutal killer and a torturer”

So, not a nice guy then? The revelation comes in the latest The Last Of Us trailer which shows the actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson working through an early version of the VGA reveal trailer. The phrasing implies that Joel is ‘known’ somehow, maybe a minor celebrity on the post apocalyptic survivors circuit? The slightly different voiceover also seems to confirms a few other aspects of the game.

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N311V2358d ago

Looks like they may be leading us down the garden path. I know I thought I had those characters figured out, now not so much. My interest has been peeked.

Fishy Fingers2358d ago

You thought you had them 'figured out' from a minute long trailer? When we knew nothing on their story, personalities, relationship, situation, goals etc

RedDead2358d ago

Yeah but still. He doesn't look the type, I expected this game to be about a loving father trying to get eh the road.

sikbeta2358d ago

Game is gonna be Epic no matter what characters are or aren't, who gives...

calibann2358d ago


Film and game trailers alike are intended to not only give us an insight into the story but give us an often stereotypical portrayal of the main characters, even if this means betraying the deeper aspects of their personalities and backgrounds. They only have a minute or so to attempt to sell their characters to us, so we are shown relatable characters in an interesting situation. They have laid the foundation of Joel's personality. The very outer layer. They will build on this in the trailers to come or maybe leave it for players to discover on their own as the plot fleshes out. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

LarVanian2358d ago

I expected this game to be about a loving father trying to get by
_____________________________ _________

I'd say living in a dying world will cause you to do many things that you thought you'd never be capable of.

specialguest2358d ago

I understand Scottis point of view. The film industry has conditioned a lot of us to unconsciously stereotype characters before even knowing anything about these characters. I'm one who is guilty of this, and my innitial thought was of the male character playing a father-like role in guiding and protecting the younger female character.

snipes1012358d ago

@Fishy Fingers
Its not often that video games give us characters that are all that deep so I can see why he would think that. Yes, I know its Naughty Dog Uncharted Series blahblahblah.

You cant honestly say you didnt make assumptions about the character the first time you saw the trailer, or that you werent the least bit surprised to hear that guy described as a violent thug, let alone a torturer.

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fabod862358d ago

For me it's really intriguing...
Make me even more interested in this game. :)
Go ND! ^^

Ricksta_132358d ago

I think, Joel probs killed Ellie`s dad or something...he got infected so joel killed him. Now its his responsibility to look after her. Some sort of dark past/History between them. But have been brought together cause of the infection.

BlmThug2358d ago

This is great news. I dont want the character to be a pansy, I want him to be a brutal killer

TheTwelve2358d ago

I agree, Scottis. This is going to be fun. I love it when I can't predict things in a storyline/plot.

MsclMexican2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Yeah, I though Joel would have been the friendly, lovable, father type from some of the concepts I have seen of this game.

But now that I think about it... him beating a man to death with a 2X4 might justify the violent thug, brutal killer and torturer part of him.

“He’s been called a violent thug, a brutal killer and a torturer. Me? He’s just Joel to me"

That should be a meme

MsclMexican2358d ago

The Last of Us behind the scenes video here:

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dragonelite2358d ago

going ico route to make connections.
Hope the cinematic gamers can enjoy this.
shame cinematic games are what i hate but i love naugthy dog pushing tech so maybe i will get it just to support them.

fabod862358d ago

we don't have enough information on the game to judge if it's too much cinematic or a good mix of esploration and action/cinematic gameplay...

rogimusprime2358d ago

at least he's not a rapist, too!

redDevil872358d ago

Wow, that trailer had me fooled about him. This should make for interesting character dynamics and relationships.

VsAssassin2358d ago

I really hope that they don't show us lots of trailers or give us tons of info on this game. I want this game to be as a surprise as it can be. Go, ND!

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