THQ about to announce 170 layoffs today?

2012 is already starting to be a miserable year for THQ, with reports in early January suggesting that the firm had cancelled its 2014 line-up along with the planned Warhammer 40k MMO.

The bad news continues, although THQ hasn't announced anything yet, but industry fundraiser and head of IGDA Mobile SIG Kevin Dent says that the troubled publisher will probably announce 170 layoffs at some point today.

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sikbeta2392d ago

It's all over for THQ...

DeadlyFire2392d ago

THQ is not a genius. I figured this day would come. I hope to the next owner of THQ or its assets is much wiser. I hope that the company's assets don't fall into the wrong hands.

Cancelling 2014 lineup means no Homefront 2 or Warhammer MMO.

On the bright side though.
Red Faction might rise again!!!! WWE Games might not suck.

I am pretty certain that THQ's Assets will be worthy of being made by some other developer. I just wish I knew if it was going to be good or bad developer. Just gotta roll the dice.

morganfell2392d ago

Thank you Homefront. This is what happens when games like Space Marine get little to no advertisement and games like Homefront go way over budget and schedule and then THQ heads decide that a massive marketing blitz costing millions in an attempt to copy another game and it's sales will save the day.

Play2Win2392d ago

yes, and Homefront did a lot of things really good. but sadly its not called CoD Homefront

sikbeta2392d ago

No matter what Homefront did, it could never be able to reach COD level of success, screw that, not even BF level of success, no Crysis lvl of hype, no Bioshock lvl of recognition and so on...

THQ saw the gaming market and thought that it was a great idea to release a FPS in a Sea of FPS games = Wrong!

After that, they saw their success with that U-draw-POS on the Wii and thought that it was a great idea to make an U-Draw-HD-POS for the HD Consoles = Wrong!

Now, they're being kicked out of Nasdaq, so that pretty much kill any chance to get funds from investors, no cash, no money to pay the employees, pay the debts, fund games and so on

They're pretty much f***ed

ritsuka6662392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

this tends to happen when you make a crap game like Homefront. I mean seriously, how bad was that? btw sucks to the guys who lost there jobs.

Majors2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Homefront wasn't bad IMO.. I agree the single player was a bit tacky but the multiplayer was solid, well executed and fun, which I still play to this day. So in all honesty I dont think people should point their fingers at this game that caused the end of days for THQ. I could go on all day listing crappy games from various publishers (COD "copy paste, paste, paste "springs to mind) but I wont. Anyway good luck to the workforce and THQ.

The Meerkat2392d ago

This better not delay Darksiders 2.
Or prevent Darksiders 3,4 and 5.

urwifeminder2392d ago

Thanks for the best racer online i ever played THQ moto gp was stunning in your hands.

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The story is too old to be commented.