Free-to-Play Gaming Breaks New Ground in 2011

The popularity of online gaming was also evident on Spil Games’ platforms. The amount of people playing in 2011 soared to 170 million, up by 40 million year-on-year. These impressive numbers scored Spil Games the number one slot as the most-visited online gaming property in the world, according to comScore Dec 2011. Online gamers have increased their online playing time from 38 to 85 minutes per month. In the UK, the most popular game last year was Family Barn, whereas globally Bubble Shooter takes the top spot.

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susanto12282388d ago

I remember people saying that Guild Wars was stupid for offering F2P when hardly anyone was doing it while others were touting NCsoft as being innovative...well who's laughing now. Guild Wars is still leading the way now with their triple AAA title GW2 coming out they will make a gazillion dollars.