Yes, more footage of the bootleg Pokemon fighting game

Remember Pokemon: type wild, the fan made Pokemon game.

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milohighclub2184d ago

had to post this, imagine a full on 3rd person RPG pokemon with this battle system.


RedDead2182d ago

3rd person action RPG...I just waiting. Why doesn't it exist? It''s like the perfect zombie game that no one has ever made(dead island tried somewhat and failed)

milohighclub2182d ago

Cos Nintendo are either very slow or have been working n it for a while and will be on the wii u

FlashXIII2182d ago

Still waiting for a pokemon mmo tbh.

CrimsonEngage2182d ago

Oh my god. What have they done to my Pokemon? It's been years since i'v played or watched anything pokemon related. The last Pokemon game i ever played was Yellow on Gameboy.

What the hell are all these new pokemon? They look goofy as shit. Are they running out of ideas? The original 151 4 LYFE.

Time to dig my N64 out and play Pokemon stadium!

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