The Sixth Axis takes a look at what it thinks could be the Vita's alternative app store

Apple’s AppStore has changed the way we game. Bite-sized chunks of gaming have become the best way to get your gaming fix on the go. Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Tiny Wings, to name a few, allow for easily accessible, touch screen controls and excellent gameplay on a portable device. Many people don’t want games like Uncharted on a handheld console; a lot of people would rather just have small yet sweet playthings.

This is where LittleBigPlanet comes in.

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JoeReno2334d ago

I get it, some people just want quick pick up and play sorts of games for a handheld, but that is just not my taste at all. Otherwise I would just game on my cellphone. I personally can't wait for Uncharted and other great story driven games that I can get deeply into on Vita.

joeorc2333d ago

Ok this is not only a silly way of trying to link LBP to be an App store but missed the point that Sony already has a setup for a multiple mobile App distribution system as a matter of fact Sony has more than one distribution channel.

PSN is one
Playstation Suite Enabled smartdevices that are Android Powered linking to another online distribution channel for not only games made by Sony 1st party studios for playstation suite Enabled devices. With Also Indie an Homebrew official supported on the Playstation Suite those "pick up an play" games will be made a plenty. There is over 1000+ of these Quick pick up an play that are currently in development for Playstation Suite already powered by "Unity 3D" these games will also run on the PSVita.

That far outstrips one very entertaining game that has user generated content.
An while those user generated content being made has shown some fantastic unique ideas for mini to full games designed with LBP on hand tools.The game was not designed to be an App store.

The Playstation Suite is not just for only games, many non game Apps are being developed for the Playstation Suite that are not just gamer related, but tools,utilities an Applications that can take advantage of the hardware functions on the device's.

Not just for Smartphones Tablets but Also the PSVita included there is a very good reason why. The PSVita includes the very core chipset functionality that is the very same ARM core chipsets that are in over 98% of the smartdevices such as smartphones an Tablets that are currently on the market. The Playstation Suite was developed as a unified sdk tools an Api's that will work across all ARM core powered chipset devices which also includes the PSVita for all intents an purpose the PSVita is a Smartphone tablet hybrid like the dell streak as an example due to 3G combined with SKYPE "in" it can take incoming call's an call out across 3G so that is no change what a smartphone does.