Xbox gaming 'the cause of synagogue attacks'

MSNBC reports that the lawyer of a man, with mental health issues who firebombed three synagogues, takes great relish in laying the blame squarely on violent gaming. Well, it has been a while since the industry has been attacked like this...

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The Meerkat2276d ago

Now I understand why the Xbox outsells the PS3 in Iran and the Gaza strip. And if my history books are correct the 360 outsold PS3s by 3:1 in 1930s Germany.

Or maybe they guy was just an idiot who'd been drinking too much Mountain Jew.

HammadTheBeast2274d ago

You forgot that Osama Bin Laden was a huge fan of the Xbox 360. In fact, he used cross game party chat to direct the 9/11 Bombings.

The lawyers' an idiot who's just grasping at straws to pull his messed up employer out of sh*t. Remeber the days when violence was because of Rap?

NYC_Gamer2274d ago

wow,now this is pure propaganda at its finest.

AtomicGerbil2274d ago

The guy had mental health problems first and foremost. I should imagine anything would have set him off.

Blaming video games is a weak excuse.

FCOLitsjustagame2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

He used a Rasberry crush soda can which proves the real problem is all the Toxic sugar he has ingested not the video games :p.

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