PS3 process for Skyrim 1.4 patch confuses

InEnt writes: Most Skyrim users know that patch 1.4 is due this week on the PC, although considering the slight delay from an expected release in January we should be prepared for more delays if Bethesda run into problems. Console gamers also expect the Skyrim 1.4 update this week, although it might not be that straight forward.

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hellzsupernova2387d ago

does anyone care anymore? cause im over skyrim now honestly im too annoyed at the game to go back, the combat system is slow and weak, and its too buggy to properly get immersed in the world. I loved it for the first 50hours but then just got mad!

Jazz41082387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Play another version like the 360 or pc then and your issues will be solved. Its th ps3 version that's not up to par.

decrypt2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

PC version runs rock solid even on old hardware.

Personally i am playing the game at 5760*1080(3screens), with 4X AA, FXAA & TRAA 4X. With everything maxed out the game runs flawlessly locked at 60fps.

Granted my hardware is pretty top notch to handle those resolutions. However to play just at 1080p low to mid range hardware will do great.

Hellsvacancy2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

It ran fine on my PS3, i experianced very few problems, nothin a quick restart didnt fix

Got the Platinum then traded the mofo in, ill buy the GOTY edition when its out so i can play through the DLC

I grew overly bored of Skyrim, put over a 100 hours into it, gone back back to Deus Ex 3

thedude442386d ago

i prefer the ps3 controller so i will just wait for the path.

HarryMasonHerpderp2387d ago

Same here.
There are plenty more games to be playing right
now and plenty more releases on the way.
Skyrim is now just a distant painful memory
but i learned my lesson with bethesda and wont
make the same mistake twice.

thedude442386d ago

Yeah that's what im doing, im playing other games right now as i wait for this patch because i am a big elder scrolls fan.

Arts10002387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

That initial blast of love ( obsession ) I had for Skyrim came to a sad end as the game died in my PS3 over two weeks ago ( half way through ) , The worst tech. of any game in my 120 game collection ......well accept a few others ......... oh wait , they are all Bethesda games as well. I own them all ........

In a year they will publish the " Game Of The Year Edition " The one that should have been sold 11/ 11 / 11 . Shame on you ....... I must be the SLOWEST learner on earth ........

You are off the hook Bethesda , for my respect and my cash . There are tons of truly fantastic developers out there and I am looking to them now .

Drekken2387d ago

I'm boycotting all Bugthesda games in the future. Learn to code and we can talk again, losers.

Baka-akaB2387d ago

Issues or not , there a few games that i consider not worth playing if you can't experience mods . Skyrim and the elderscrolls series as a whole , are some of those game .

The original is good , but the mods makes it a completely different experience . And no it's not about graphics , even if obviously the first mods are usually about upping them up .

There are too many mods even right now without the creation kit , that enrich the gameplays and world , to bother with any of the console versions

1nsaint2386d ago

I really don't see why there is a 2 week certification process before a patch goes live. Apperantly sony and microsoft have to test the patches. And still they approved patch 1.2 which broke the whole magicka resistance and caused dragons to glitch.

Stop complaining about bethesda, this game is ridiciously big and they fixed a shit load of bugs and glitches with 1.4
If there is someone you should complain about it's sony or MS

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