Sony confirms Kaz Hirai’s appointment as President and CEO

GB : Sony have just released a PR which confirms that Kazuo Hirai, the dynamic force behind Playstation is now the President and CEO of Sony. Earlier Nikkei reported that this was going to happen, but with Stringer as CEO. However, Hirai is the CEO as well.

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Bundi2300d ago Show
ramon_v2300d ago

good on him. from what i have seen/read, he is a good leader.

i hope his first official project as CEO will be Riiiiiiiiiiidge Raaacerrrrrrrrr!!!

Solid_Snake372300d ago

Rofl its riiiiidge raaaacer

SKUD2300d ago

He just keeps moving to the top. Nice work. First order of business. FORCE NAMCO TO MAKE A PROPER RIDGE RACER SEQUEL FOR THE PS4.

r212300d ago

i like kaz, he has a sort of cool calm attitude to him :)
also, it'd be awesome if Kaz would make a video of himself saying RIIIIDGGGEE RAAACCCEERRRRRR to celebrate the occasion :D

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The story is too old to be commented.