Nvidia's Kepler suffers wobbly perturbations

Nvidia might be trying to put dedicated Physx hardware in their chips.

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Orpheus2179d ago

Putting dedicated Physx hardware inside the chip may produce nice results if they are used and I bet Metro Last Light will use it as Oles, chief engineer of 4A has said the upcoming GeForce GPU will be fully supported :


PC Games Hardware: You keep the support for GPU PhysX in Metro Last Light. If so can we expect some improvements or enhancements compared to Metro 2033 (e.g. soft bodies, debris, and destructible environments)? What graphics card do you recommend for maxed details in Full HD with Antialiasing? An upcoming Nvidia Kepler-based Geforce for example? ;-)

Oles Shishkovtsov: Yes, you can expect a lot of improvements, especially in destruction and debris. The upcoming Geforce cards will be fully supported.

darthv722178d ago

hardware based physics support going the same route that hardware based 3d support once did. Getting built right into the main gpu itself.

JsonHenry2178d ago

I hope they announce/launch something soon. I want to upgrade my HD5870. But first I want to compare the Kepler and Tahiti parts against each other before I splurge $500+ on one of them.

Information Minister2178d ago

Yep, I'm also looking forward to upgrading my GTX460 later this year and this Kepler chip is looking extremely promising.

Ulf2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

This will affect console hardware far more than PCs, due to the configurable nature of the PC beast, and the fact that a significant number of GPUs with said hardware won't be in the hands of the majority for a long while.

On a console, however, this could be a big, big deal. A game built with knowledge that this kind of hardware is definitely available, can really go to town with physics and game design.

pandehz2178d ago

Yep if consoles can get this kind of hardware that would really mean going into next gen. Till now from all the rumours none of the upcoming consoles seem to be next gen material. Maybe Nintendo, Mic and Sony shud wait like 2 yrs more.

In the meantime im gonna get myself one for my pc.