Make any flat surface into a touchscreen with a Wii remote

CNET Asia's Michael Tan - Dec 11, 2007:

Johnny Lee (of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University) shows you how to create a cheap electronic whiteboard system using the Wii remote. Basically, the Wii remote is a Bluetooth device. It has four IR cameras on it, and if you use a Bluetooth-capable notebook or PC, you can use the Wii remote as a tracking device for any IR source in the field of view of the Wii remote. If you attach a IR LED on top of a pen, the IR pen can be a "mouse" of sorts.

No Wii required. You'll need Johnny's "Wiimote Whiteboard" software, available for free at his website via CNET Asia. His website includes additional Wii projects.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3598d ago

Its uses Wii Mote as stylus/lightpen not touch screen..

ktchong3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

A touchscreen that uses a lightpen or stylus is still called a touch screen. And the original headline uses the word "touchscreen".

CRIMS0N_W0LF3598d ago

a touch screen take signal from pressure on the surface not the stylus or lightpen.

Shankle3598d ago

Oh for goodness sake it's not the means but the end that matters! It's a touch screen because it acts exactly like a touch screen!

yamamoto1143598d ago

It serves the same purpose. As a 3D modeling and Photoshop artist who also happens to be a hardcore PC gamer with a huge-ass monitor, I find this an incomparably cheap and effective alternative to actually purchasing a tablet touchscreen laptop, which is f***ing expensive and has crappy internals.

Call it a touchscreen, call it an infrared screen, but regardless of what it may be, it serves the same purpose, and will prove to be immeasurably helpful. When it gets to the point where it starts to be useful, the action itself is vastly more important than the means to produce it. This sort of information could be incredibly valuable to, say perhaps a school or any sort of company, not just an individual. This man is brilliant.

Skerj3598d ago

Too bad it wasn't pressure sensitive, might try to rig one of those up instead of a Cintiq. Still very cool though.

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wiizy3598d ago

nintendo are creating all kind of innovators.. im next

Jandre023598d ago

But the camera is inside the controller? Does it only use the IR sensor or does it also have motion sensors inside the controller as well?

ShadoWulf3598d ago

It's not an Eyetoy, it only sees IR. It can also do cooler things, apparently.

ShadoWulf3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I really need a bluetooth adapter now.

Just thought of this... you know you really don't need to do it right on the screen if that's too much of a hassle. Put a plain white sheet of paper in front of your computer and perform a 4-point calibration on it. Then you can draw on the table and have it translate to your computer. Much easier than straining your arm to write on your desktop screen. Of course, I don't have this set up yet, so it might not work.

LanRanger3598d ago

Just aim the wiimote at the table and perform the calibration directly on the table. It doesn't even have to be on a surface, you could perform the calibration in mid air and draw on nothingness.

Kakkoii3598d ago

If you two had watched the video till the end you guys would have saw him actually DO THAT.

ShadoWulf3598d ago

Kakkoii, if you had actually read my comment, you would see that he didn't do what I said! I meant writing on something that DID NOT show the screen, such as a blank sheet of paper! The last thing he did in the movie was write on his screen. Ranger, that's a cool idea, to write on air. It would look pretty awesome.

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