1UP - Rumored Discount on Vita's Digital Games Needs to be More Substantial

1UP's Chris Pereira writes, "One of the benefits of digital games from the publisher's side, at least in theory, is flexibility with pricing. With the cost of manufacturing and shipping physical games out of the way, it's also a cheaper method of distribution. Considering consumers aren't getting as much for their money -- no box, no manual, no ability to sell or let someone borrow a game -- it makes sense that digital games would be cheaper than their physical counterparts. That will be the case when shopping for Vita games in North America, though it would appear the discount we'll be enjoying is not nearly as much as it should be."

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Bach2275d ago

Yeah, the price discount is not significant but it is a step in the right direction none-the-less.

JoeReno2275d ago

Any discount should be looked at as a positive. This could have just as well went like psp games on the psn where there is no discount and in a lot of cases more money than retail copys. Could it be more, yes. It could always be more, but will any company go that cheap with newly released games, I highly doubt it. Look for Playstation+ to have more discounts and sales ala steam.

MasterCornholio2275d ago

Sony could give digital copies a big discount but then retailers would become extremely angry because of it. But at least there's a small discount which is what matters.