Warhawk 1.2 patch comes out 19th December, 1.3 patch already in developement

Dylan Jobe posts:

Hey Everyone!

Many of you may have seen it announced on other websites but...

Our Omega Dawn Booster pack will be available for purchase on the PlayStation Store December 20th World-Wide!!

Also, our free v1.2 game patch will be made available world-wide for all of you on December 19th at 10:00 GMT...that's 2am Pacific. We will also be having a scheduled maintenace window form 10:00 to 16:00 GMT. Basically for us to roll-out the new patch. Please also note that while you will not be able to play Warhawk durring this time, you *will* be able to pull down the patch in preperation for the world-wide game environment to come back online at 16:00 GMT (8am Pacific)

I have also been collecting questions that all of you have asked both here and on the SCEA blog. I will be posting a FAQ early next week.

Will answer 1 question right now though...what are we currently working on?

We are busy in development of our v1.3 game update. Yes its FREE of course (just in case some of you ask). And YES, it includes some new game stuff...not just fixes. Here's a hint...its not new free layouts like we are releasing with v1.2. It has to do with troops. What could it be? :-)

I'll be posting more info about it after we release v1.2 and Omega Dawn

As always - Rock on and get ready for the new Battlefield and wicked multiplayer BOSS action of the KT-424 Combat Dropship!


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alza3em3782d ago

wow i cant wait for 1.3 patch

natural07213782d ago

are they going to include rumble in the game hope sp got the dual shock 3 controller and i'm dieing to fell all the chaos in the game

Loor3782d ago

if i remember it right, someone at neogaf (user "TTP" who got a press copy of omega dawn and the 1.2 patch on CD/BluRay) confirmed that rumble is included in 1.2. correct me if im wrong. i have to look up the warhawk thread again.

Diabloz3782d ago

i wonder what they would add to the troops...

DeadIIIRed3782d ago

Why are they charging us after all the server and stat b/s? A little disappointing.

Maddens Raiders3782d ago

it's worth it. Nearly every game has a rogue glitch or hiccup that got past beta, so not a big deal - I trust Incognito after playing this stellar game this whole time.

btw - nice avatar.

ajfrankart243782d ago

im going to say that the ground unit will receive and new love to see a new gas grenade out there that develops into a fire ball

Dmack793782d ago

that is a sweet idea! They will probably add some new customizations for the troops. and likke maybe armor enhacing stuff or JETPACKS! that would be awesome!

Kleptic3782d ago

yeah customization stuff most likely...

I they add customizations to every rank though...because of the giltches early on I got to see all the way up to just under the top rank (forget what that is, the CoD 4 has me all screwed up lately)...

and *SPOLIER* it seems that after the first 8 or so sets of armor, it simply turns into allowing you change the color of certain areas of the same stuff...its cool I guess...but being that it takes FOREVER to rank up, I hope each rank gets more stuff to mess around with...

either way...great news...

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The story is too old to be commented.