50 Must-Play iOS Games

EDGE - Three years and hundreds of thousands of apps later, which are the games that deserve your attention?

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Christopher2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Meh list, IMHO.

Majority of them are more flash than actual quality, IMHO. Why you would put Dark Meadow up there alongside Infinity Blade 2 is beyond my understanding considering they both have the same core concept of going through the same areas to level up and die over and over. Missed a lot of good games, including:

- GTA: Chinatown Wars
- Harry Potter: Years 1-4
- Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner
- Puzzle Quest 2 (but they'll include its facsimile Dungeon Raid?)
- World of Goo
- Scribblenauts
- The Bard's Tale
- Dead Space
- Mirror's Edge
- Anomaly
- Bloons TD 4 (one of the most overlooked TD games, IMHO)
- Cursed Treasure TD
- Plants vs Zombies
- Dungeon Hunter 2

And that's just what I have on my iPad now let alone other games I've played that are better than those listed.

The ones I'll agree with on their list are:
- Trainyard
- Flight Control
- Words With Friends
- Steambirds
- GeoDefense
- Infinity Blade 2 (solely because it's the best at what it does)

No clue why anyone would rate so highly games like Canabalt or Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP, both of which bore the heck out of me.

A new one I'd add to the list is Kingdom Rush, which is a great remake of the flash game from Armor Games. It's actually much better on an iPad than it is on a PC, IMHO.