Modern Warfare 3 – Panic Knifing and Extreme Conditioning Are Here To Stay

MP1st - Not a big fan of being “panic knifed” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? Get used to it. Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, responds to fans’ dislike of the current knifing system and the state of the Extreme Conditioning perk.

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PhantomT14122393d ago

I think BF3 got it right for the knife system. It's still frustrating (like any other way of dying) but I find it more acceptable and fair since the guy would have killed me anyway (lethal takedown only from behind).
The real problem with panic knifing is that if you have a slower connection, you might be unloading your bullets onto a guy who's already at knife range even if he's not in your screen.

Hufandpuf2393d ago

I like when both of me and the enemy are trying to knife each other up front. It gets really personal.

scrambles2393d ago

Sorry dudes but CoD isnt getting any less casual in the near future. Casuals gotta have an easy way out dying combine this will the tiny tiny tight corner maze maps that plague MW3 its a recipe for disaster. And lol “The lesson here is 1) Get a headshot at that range. – or – 2) Don’t get so close to your enemy,” even i know from my CoD days that this was impossible. He'd just run through the bullets and murder you. Simple excuses to not decasualize the game.

Noticeably_FAT2393d ago

There might be some casuals on games like Call Of Duty, but the COD franchise has MLG and the most teams signed up on Gamebattles, which is the largest competitive gaming arena.

I don't think casuals are the ones playing and competing their.

There are also a fair share of casuals on Battlefield and every other game. You can always spot them on Battlefield 3 because they are prone in a bush sniping, or the really casual players tank whore or vehicle whore all game long.

scrambles2393d ago

i know it has pro teams but that doesnt mean its any less casual. Recoil-less guns with only a certain few that have recoil but why would they use those when theres perfectly good substitutes? Heck a lot of the mlg teams use macros to control their recoil for them. The world's strongest aim assist. gun perks to lower the already nonexistant recoil + grips to lower recoil to so low levels they dont have to worry about it. The spawn system that doesnt allow for spawn camping cuz ppl were mad that teams beat them. The little red squares around enemies during kill streaks so players dont have to look for enemies. The insanely high bullet damage making the need for aiming and headshots extremely low. It breeds casual gaming.
CoD devolved from a game that wasnt noob bashing to a game where it promotes noobs and behaviour

Also true about battlefield but sometimes I dont trust my team mates with tanks. They take 2 rpgs to the front then charge at them as they explode wasting a tank. Keeping tanks alive entire rounds can be an art as long as its aggressive.

2393d ago
KontryBoy7062393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

who didn't know this. obviously they don't care about the outcry of their fans wanting this crap out of the game. commando still exist, now you just don't need a perk for it. “The lesson here is 1) Get a headshot at that range." Bull Bowling. I shoot dudes in the the face and get hit markers and still go down from this pussy panic knife. try again...

iMpuTeD2392d ago

thats all it is cod is for casual gamers now they dont care about the hardcore ones anymore. oh and gb is wack u jus have a bunch of cocky little nerds who play all day talk crap how they are the best lmao pathetic oh and alot of them hack or use skype.