I Just Ordered SoulCalibur V From Amazon and a Tiny Part of Me Died

Kotaku - Though hundreds of thousands of gamers swear by when it comes to ordering new releases or old favorites, I've never once ordered a video game from the popular online marketplace. Despite the allure of free launch day delivery and bonus credit, I've limited my game spending to local retailers. I didn't realize why until I finally caved and purchased SoulCalibur V online.

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vickers5002362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

So then go pay the extra 5 bucks (tax), waste your gas and your time, deal with a crappy pre-order bonus (as opposed to Amazons bonuses which, every now and then, come with a great pre-order bonus, such as $10/$20 dollar credit in some cases, or just accept no bonus and go to gamestop) if you want these social experiences so bad.

Personally I don't like going to my gamestop, and I don't even have to waste that much gas to get there (it's like less than a mile away from my house). All that happens when 'I' go, is I ask for the game, occasionally have to present my ID depending on the salesperson, have to listen to the seller ask me questions about whether or not I want a useless game guide and if I want to pre-order anything and if I have my rewards card, and then finally get my game and leave.

Now I'm not saying that's an agonizing and painful process, but I'd rather choose to avoid all those unnecessary time wasting activities AND get a better deal by ordering online, specifically from Amazon.

Calvin_ISA2362d ago

"I find that if I loose all my pent-up anxiety on the little things there's none left for when something truly horrible happens and I can keep a level head."

Because pent-up anxiety should stay tight.

Also: wat

MAiKU2362d ago

*spoiler* He's upset he didn't drive to the game store.

I guess he's immune to rising gas prices or something.