Top 10 Games that are not Remakes or Sequels

Okay, so every thing these days seems to be a sequel or a remake, Battlefield 3, MW3, Diablo 3, Mass Effect 3, Prey 2. How about some games to look forward to that are original? Here are the Top 10 to look forward to

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DesVader2363d ago

Great to see some new, original ideas for games, because it was getting a bit silly with the amount of games coming out that are sequels...BF3, MW3, ME3...gosh, we need some new stuff. Granted some of the games are not "new" in concept, but still a fresh look.

Animals_as_Leaders2363d ago

I don't mind games in a series where they use the lore but not necessarily the timeline.

Final Fantasy and Zelda come to mind. I know Nintendo claims Zelda has a timeline, but it's not seen in the games, so they never feel like a continuation. Just set in that lore.

It leaves open room for new stories without being bogged down by expectation and convoluted stories that come from having to reference previous games etc

Mass Effect is the first series to really carry your choices over though so it will be interesting to see if that sort of thing becomes an RPG norm.

DesVader2363d ago

Totally agree. Its just nice to see something TOTALLY new. These sequels that we love need to start from somewhere and these games are potentially the seeds of future stars and sagas...