7 games that should be ported to 3DS

Bitmob - Exciting, original content on a new system is great, but The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for Nintendo’s relatively new 3DS system proves that you can just as much fun revisiting the classics.

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Samus HD2300d ago

No ports - i want new games

Venox20082300d ago

I actually want:

Geist (GC)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the world
Metroid Prime trilogy
Conker live & reloaded (uncensored)
Donkey kong 64
Child of eden & Rez
Metal gear acid 1 & 2 (in one cartridge)

fatstarr2300d ago

Good list I would buy tony hawk, final fantasy 9 remake and starwars for 20$ each.

NagaSotuva2300d ago

I wouldn't mind playing Eternal Darkness on the go.