PSA: Binary Domain Demo On Japanese PSN

Chris writes: "If you want to check out Binary Domain, the latest game from Toshihiro Nagoshi the mastermind behind the Yakuza games, hit up Japanese PSN right now."

File size: 1187 MB

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Godmars2902276d ago

I'll give it a try tomorrow.

Godchild10202276d ago

Thanks! I'm downloading now.

plmkoh2276d ago

Just played it, and it's quite surprising decent: the controls feel great and enemies have great hit reaction.

Frankfurt2276d ago

Don't buy the PS3 version. The demos are up on JPN accounts, and the PS3 demo runs like most PS3 multiplats: far worse than the 360 version. PS3 is sub-HD and framerate in the teens instead of 30fps and 720p.