CVG think's this is the best generation so far

CVG - I think there's a strong argument for this being the best generation so far. Mass Effect, Uncharted, Dead Space, Assassins Creed, Borderlands, Dark Souls, Batman and Heavy Rain... on top of that, Modern Warfare has helped fire gaming into the mainstream. How many A-list celebrities were openly admitting to spending hours on a console before Call of Duty? How many games have earned twice as much as a Harry Potter movie released at the same time? Maybe games are becoming too mainstream. Maybe they're being milked. Maybe there's a lack of creativity and imagination. Or maybe - just maybe - this is the best time ever to be a gamer.

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Venox20082391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I think the generation before was better, sure this one has more action games, shooters and better graphics, online features.. but I think overall in games quality = quantity, generation before was better... soo many great games were released...

MGS 3, GOW 1 & 2, Viewtiful joe, haunting ground, Silent Hills, Fatal frames, MK: shaolin monks, Okami, Beyond good & evil, devil may cries, XIII, Zelda: twilight princess, Luigi's mansion, wind waker, eternal darkness, hitmans, manhunts, bully, (for people who love GTA - San andreas), haunting ground, shadow of rome, god hand, mario sunshine, metroid prime 1 & 2, final fantasies, katamaries, onimushas... and lots of more ... this is my opinion.. in this gen people mostly buy CODs or online games, sad..

specialguest2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Games from last gen seemed more original and true to the series. Developers were not trying to steer their games to appeal to the COD crowd. This gen saw an explosion of FPS like never before.

My favorite gen would be the PS1 gen. It was the introduction to the polygon/3D gaming. For developers, it was like a new and uncharted fontier, and some developers like Konami were able to set the bar very high(MGS).

pangitkqb2391d ago

I agree with this article. This is the greatest generation of gaming thus far. Online communities, movie streaming, digital AND traditional distribution, HD resolutions, wireless controllers standard, social gaming, large scale multiplayer, more handheld options than ever before, apps, trophys/achievements, and more.

I love being a gamer :)

schlanz2391d ago

There were tons of FPS last gen also. They just get more attention now that online multiplayer has become as big as it has.. really that owes FPS games much of their success. Who buys COD for the campaign?

specialguest2391d ago

Like what pangitkqb mentioned, it introduced a lot of advancements to console gaming. There were a lot of great games too.

Well, here's to another great video game generation. (raises invisible beer mug in air)

LOGICWINS2391d ago

"this is my opinion.. in this gen people mostly buy CODs or online games, sad.."

I understand that this is your opinion, but what exactly is "sad" about most people buying COD or online games? If they can afford it and they enjoy it, I don't see a problem with it.

What if someone countered your argument, saying it was "sad" that you only play single players games like MGS and Zelda?

If you don't respect other peoples gaming preferences, then don't expect respect for yours.

gamingdroid2391d ago

I don't know why you are getting disagrees?

Excellent answer!

If anything, this generation has seen the rise of the "elitist gamers" more than any other. If you were around and enjoyed the previous generations, know that you would have been the likely target for discrimination.

Venox20082391d ago

what I wanted to say is that now if someone releases something unique, with great story and unusual game, there's a big chance that many will overlook it and instead of those will be buying shooters...

Jobesy2391d ago

Best generation of games.

Worst generation of gamers.

More sissies, elitists and crybabies than ever before, it's disgusting at times.

lorianguy2391d ago

It was great because of the numerous quality games made anew, as well as the best from previous generations returning bia digital downloads.

However, with On-disc DLC, overpriced DLC, Online Passes and special editions of everything, it is also the most money-draining of the generations. I think publishers have been abusing their power to drain our wallets too.

LOGICWINS2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

"I think publishers have been abusing their power to drain our wallets too."

Here's the funny thing about DLC...its optional. Publishers this generation are giving people MORE options, but its up to the gamer if they want to drain their wallets on these options. It's not like publishers FORCE anyone to buy DLC.

If you drain your money...its because you choose to drain your money. There are plenty of fantastic games out there that offer incredible replay value without the need for extra paid DLC:

Yakuza 3/4
Rock Band
Left 4 Dead
Mass Effect 2
UFC Undisputed 3(upcoming) will have a career mode, online mode, 150 fighters, AND Pride Mode.

What HAS changed this generation is that more and more gamers are playing victim. This is real life. If you want the option of spinning rims on your need to pay extra. If you want a bigger need to pay extra. If you want to eat at a fancy restaurant, you need to pay extra. So if you want extra OPTIONAL content, why shouldn't you have to pay for it?

Outside_ofthe_Box2391d ago

"What HAS changed this generation is that more and more gamers are playing victim."

Just because you aren't being forced to buy it doesn't mean it's right. LMAO @ your way of thinking.

DLC shouldn't even exist in the first place... or least it should be handled the way GTA4's DLC was handled... you know actually providing content that's NOT supposed to be in the game originally.

LOGICWINS2391d ago

"Just because you aren't being forced to buy it doesn't mean it's right. LMAO @ your way of thinking."

It's called supply and demand. This is the way the WORLD has been thinking since the beginning of time.

"I have something, if you want it, I'll give you a price. If you think this price is reasonable, buy it. If you don't..leave"

Outside of the Box, sometimes I think you reply to my comments just for the sake of starting an idiotic argument. You rarely make any sense or have anything to back up what you say.

Outside_ofthe_Box2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

So nothing I said made sense?

Is it not true that just because your aren't being forced to buy something doesn't mean that it's right?

Is it not true that DLC SHOULD be content that was NOT supposed to be ALREADY on the disc?

You're just upset that I'm correct.

There is a reason why the term "rip off" exists." I'm sure you've heard of it, right?

Yes it's true that you aren't forced to pay for DLC does that mean that it's not overpriced or that it's not expensive or that they are not putting a price on content that should have been free on the disc?

If I were to say "games are expensive this gen", and you reply with your wise guy comment "you don't have to pay for it" does that change the fact that it's expensive?

You take people's words too literally ignoring what they are implying. When he said "I think publishers have been abusing their power to drain our wallets too." He was implying that publishers use the fact that they have no competition when it come to selling DLC for their particular game so they jack up the prices as they please not that they literally drain out wallets.

Logic, you're just a wise guy is all. You're the type of person that when asked "what are you eating?" you would reply with "I'm eating food." We all know the reason why you constantly comment on N4G is to troll people with your wise guy comments. Why else would you stick around and repeatedly reply to members that NEVER MAKE ANY SENSE? That in itself doesn't make any sense. If we don't make sense then why do you reply? Why do you even comment? Just the read articles and move on. No sense in auguring with people that don't make sense right?

PamPoovey2391d ago

"on top of that, Modern Warfare has helped fire gaming into the mainstream."

Helped....more like ruin, they've made it so developers will copy their online even though it dosen't fit their game or if they did it differen't in the past just so they can achieve CODs sales and success, they've made it so if a game does average in sales it's a failure, oh and don't get me started on the whole DLC thing....

"How many A-list celebrities were openly admitting to spending hours on a console before Call of Duty"

and how many do you know are BS liars, come on they only do it because COD is a big success and mainstream so they want to get "down" with what all the kids are doing. How ois it not mention Mass Effect, Uncharted, Assassins Creed, Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Portal or even Half life

Baka-akaB2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I can't even being to understand how "games becoming more popular , mainstream" is a valid argument in their brains .

Why would an individual gamer even care about that , bare some shortage of mp players ?

it's irrelevant to you and me and them , if COD broke some record sales or if celebs are playing it .

As usual CVG is shallow and useless .

As for the meat of the topic ... this gen is fine to me , but not neccessarily the best . And it ruined a select few genres , like FPS . How did it ruin it ? Used to be a variety of fps , now it's either the cod mold , very few hardcore military stuff , and a few sp oriented stuff like Bioshock , and that's it .

Sizzon2391d ago

Not in my opinion, the PS1/N64 era was the best.

tigertron2391d ago

Each to their own. I know many will say the PS2/GC/Xbox era was the best, perhaps even the PS1/N64 era (both brilliant generations) but my personal favourite is this gen. I'm sure I'll get a ton of disagrees, but I'm sure I'm not the only one here who thinks so.

Baka-akaB2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

i'll just say that i take bits of each era , depending on genres . For fighting games i prefer this gen . 2D fighters were quasi mute and secluded in their own corner the previous generation .

They were shunned if in 2d , especially when studios like SNK have been recycling the same garbage sprites till kof12-13 . or if they were found in games deemed too hard like GG and SF3 .

And back then the few attempt at old 2d franchise to translate into 3d were just awful .

This gen all fighting genre are represented to their full strength , and pretty much all major franchises are back .

schlanz2391d ago

I'm in agreement. Games as a whole get progressively better every gen, its just that gamers around here get progressively more jaded, whiny, and harder to impress.

One reason I consider this gen the best is the number of platforms games come on. A lot of people seem to only think about PS3/Xbox/Wii games but lets not forget the two greatest handhelds ever, DS and PSP, as well as XBLA/PSN/WiiWare, and mobile gaming is now far far better than I ever imagined even just 3 years ago. There are amazing games pretty much everywhere you look. The ones who think this gen is crap have tunnel vision.

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