CVG - Should Xbox 720 and PS4 ditch discs?

CVG - If recent Xbox 720 rumors are to be believed Microsoft's next console will support Blu-ray and finally catch up to its PlayStation counterpart.

Speculation has suggested that it also may not support the use of pre-owned games. We've think the ramifications of discarding used games would be pretty serious for the industry and deadly for a console pursuing that path if a rival decides against it. However, the trend towards digital distribution on the other hand might help in the long term.

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AgentWD402389d ago

1. not everyone has a fast internet connection
2. most people have a download limit(next gen games are going to be at least 15GB in size)
3. Internet services are becoming very expensive
4. Having something physical is better than having some data on a hard disk
5. console gaming could become a rich man's hobby, console gaming should not forget its roots. Its there as a cheap and direct way to play games with no hassle

CarlitoBrigante2388d ago

I agree with every point you made, even discussing this idea is ridicilous.

I like my discs, period. PS3 exclusives range from 20GB to 50GB and it will only increase with the PS4.

close thread/

steve30x2388d ago

From my experience with GT5 Prologue I say no. With GT5 Prologue when you bought the game from PSN you are required to be online to play the game. If you are offline then you are given an error when you try to launch the game.