IGN - What Is Asura's Wrath?

IGN - The demo for Asura's Wrath confused a lot of people when it hit PSN and Xbox Live earlier this month. A series of disconnected episodes showed Asura in the kinds of epically insane and visually splendorous one-on-one battles that we had seen in the trailers, but showed little of the more normal third-person action that we had all assumed would form the main meat of the game. If most of Asura's Wrath is about watching and occasionally pressing a button, is it even a game at all? Or is it just an especially long, slightly interactive anime?

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BiggCMan2359d ago

I wasn't confused with the demo, just very bored with it haha. It just doesn't interest me at all. I was excited to try it cause I heard so many people talking about it, like it was gonna be really epic and awesome. Terrible demo.

CarlitoBrigante2359d ago

IGN stop complaining, I dont hear you bitching about CoD.

Reborn2359d ago

Any ways. I'll wait for a price drop, again. I can't afford to just put out money aimlessly.

josephayal2359d ago

a interactive cliffhanger-action game