Gotham City Impostors Preview (AustralianGamer)

You're hardly going to throw out your copy of Battlefield 3 in order to spend more time with GCI, however sometimes when the seriousness of war wears you out a little bit, and you just feel like playing as a fat guy with a box on his head running around shouting into a megaphone, then this could just be the break you need.

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Blaine2389d ago

There's an error in the beginning of the article, where he says it's third person! But he says FPS at the end, so it was just a mistake...

I disagree about the "weapons take too long to unlock" bit. Took me 3 hours to reach level 25, and by then I had everything I wanted and more. Also, you can unlock any weapon you want when you get a credit, so I don't understand why he complained about "higher level unlocks".

I don't know about the balancing. I'm sitting at 850 kills 410 deaths overall right now with 6 hours of play, so I'm not the best placed to say if my own weapon is unbalanced! But I will say that I get a ton of headshot kills, so it's not so much that my weapon is overpowered but rather that I use it properly and that I'm using the right weapon for my playstyle. By the way, I'm using the Huntsman (semi-auto riffle). But I have a uzi (forgot it's in-game name) as a backup and I'm just as lethal with that. Really it's just skill: aim for the head, and you'll kill a lot more--the way it should be.

I'm having a ton of fun with the beta. Only reason I wouldn't buy it, is because it's releasing so close to Twisted Metal... But if it's priced right, I could pick it up to hold me off for a week.