THQ in Even More Trouble, May be Delisted from Nasdaq in July

Following the rumor yesterday that THQ was closing down in Japan office and laying off 14 employees in its Australian office, THQ is in even more trouble. THQ stock on the Nasdaq stock exchange has fallen below the minimum and it may be delisted in July. Nasdaq told THQ it has 180 days to raise its stock above the minimum or else it will be delisted.

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AntoineDcoolette2391d ago

I hope THQ doesn't go under...

I really do enjoy a few of the series they publish like METRO, STALKER, Darksiders, and the Dawn of War games.

Devil's Third looks interesting too.

HebrewHammer2391d ago

Agreed. Right when they start to step their game up too!

It's a shame to see a publisher be punished for deciding to focus on core games instead of going for the children market.

gotgame19852391d ago

yea I hope they can get back on there feet and know one buy them out, but if any body do it properly will be EA.

DeadlyFire2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I like their games yes. Can games survive with another developer/publisher yes. Can others find a new publisher yes.

Metro, and STALKER could still be published even after THQ dies or if they do.

I hope this ends their WWE license.

Being delisted puts this company up for sale on the stock market pretty much. If anyone wants to claim them before the 180th day they likely can for a cheap price. Its why they are moving so quickly to try and fight it.