How to get into video games: A lesson learned from BioWare

With Jessica Chobot playing an important role in Mass Effect 3, one wonders how they can become renowned enough to be selected for the seemingly unattainable—to have your voice and likeness put inside a video game.

If anything, we can all take away an important lesson from Miss Chobot and her recent involvement with RPG juggernaut BioWare

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Moduserous2302d ago

Jessica Chobot - giggity...

RustyMagus2302d ago

BioWare, Bethesda, various other studioes: please hire this man. No one can lick consoles like him!

RoboRyan2302d ago

Enjoyable article. I'm alarmed by how much dust is on that PS3 though.

borisfett2301d ago

Hah, that was brilliant.