So Will Other Game Studios Screw You on Wii U DLC?

Nintendo is doing everything it can to make buying downloadable content on the Wii U easy as pie. Since the Kyoto-based game maker has said on numerous occasions that its DLC will add to the experience, I'm not so worried about Nintendo's approach. It's the other game makers that concern me.

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Pikajew2303d ago

Nintendo will make free DLC but the other companies will make payed DLC

Shok2303d ago

The way Iwata was talking, I think he was pretty much hinting at that Nintendo will be giving FREE DLC as opposed to how these 3rd-parties do.

zeal0us2302d ago

strict regulations... wonder will they be strict as M$ regulations?

Good that Nintendo is jumping aboard the DLC train, finally. Now I just want to see how will they handle online gaming.

DeadlyFire2302d ago

I am thinking they will be more like Sony. Open ended system.

Ness-Psi2302d ago

I actually think they will copy apples system, more controlled and restrictive (as to what can and cant be put on there). which isnt to bad really as you need protection after all that anonymous crap.

DeadlyFire2300d ago

Open ended development wise doesn't mean it lacks security though.

mike1up2302d ago

Actually, the last 3 Pokemon RPG games had free DLC.

zeal0us2302d ago

I mean more abundantly like M$ and Sony.

matey2302d ago

Iwata stated that DLC 4 mariokart7 like new tracks and customisations options will generate more money wheather he means more people will buy the game as it never gets old or they will charge we will have to see but i would pay big time 4 mariokart7 DLC most defo.

ronin4life2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Some Nintendo games will have payed dlc. Fire emblem releasing in Japan this april will be the first. (Supposedly)
However, their stance is that dlc should add to a complete game, and while they want 3rd party devs to have freedom over their own dlc plans they will only allow companies they trust greater freedom in dlc plans, unless it disadvantages the user to greatly.(or something like that...)

From an investors briefing:
“As a hardware manufacturer, or platform holder, it would be better to present third-party developers with as much freedom as possible. Some say that the guidelines and regulations we previously established are too strict and behind the times, and others say that Nintendo should not put too many restrictions on the features of software targeting the consumers who are familiar with micro-transactions. Therefore, we plan to ensure a relative level of flexibility for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U software compatible with the Nintendo Network as long as the developer has built a trusting relationship with consumers, except for the cases that consumers will be too disadvantaged." ~Iwata

mike1up2302d ago

I am not sure that this is a good move for Nintendo. Before this Iwata promised more freedom to 3rd party developers. I am definitely getting a WiiU, but Nintendo needs all the 3rd party support that they can get. Why even plant the seed of doubt?

The answer to unwanted DLC is easy... don't download it! If you as the user don't want developers like Capcom to walk all over you, then hurt their pockets and don't buy their DLC.