Uh-Oh...I Think I Like FFXIII-2 For All The Wrong Reasons

The hardcore fans always loved Final Fantasy for the memorable stories and characters. When that goes away, shouldn't those fans hate the result?

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GraveLord2270d ago

Final Fantasy XIII-2 > Skryim


iamtehpwn2270d ago

I wouldn't go thaaaaat far, but XIII-2 is a good game in it's own right. Even if you can't get behind it's story or character, the nonlinear gameplay and open structure of the game is pretty addictive thus far, I'm about 9 hours in.

Fleetfiend2270d ago

Some really good points in this. I have to say I think I know exactly how you feel, despite not playing XIII-2 yet. Lately I have been feeling just (or more) compelled to play games with good gameplay conversely to good story, and that wasn't always the case. I also feel like games are focusing much less on story these days...

Megaman_nerd2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Not pointS but the point.

the author says that he doesn't like anything about the game, not even the gameplay but that he loves the satisfaction of playing it to make his characters more and more powerful. That's why he uses Skyrim as an example even though he doesn't like that game either, because he thinks that at its core both games are similar on that regard.

"I keep playing for the same reasons I kept playing Skyrim and that just feels wrong to me the end of the day, I play both to get and do everything and increase my power."

Fleetfiend2268d ago

Yep, I did read the article, thanks. And sorry about the plural. xD

And yeah, I do definitely see where the author comes from, comparing the roots of games like this to games like Skyrim. Being compelled to play games for the wrong reasons.