Gametrailers: Soul Calibur V Review

Is this fighter's flame being kept alive by more than just name recognition and marketing muscle?

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GraveLord2241d ago

Soul Calibur V or Final Fantasy XIII-2? Which one did you guys buy today?

Legionaire20052241d ago

Soullll Caliburrrrrr!!!!! 5!! the online netcode is the best I ever seen from any fighting. Many fighting games always have laggs.

h311rais3r2241d ago

Soul calibur 5. What's ffxiii-2 lol

Biohazard88602241d ago

Hows ezio in the game guys did u try him out yet ?

Grimhammer002241d ago

It's fantastic! I played the single player story for 2hrs straight!!! And loved it!

Ezio is good, range is a bit hampered. But he's hard to anticipate with his weapons always sheathed.

Ff13-2....not interested.