GTA 5: 30 ways to bring back the older, sillier GTA

Grand Theft Auto 5 is probably going to be another "serious" Grand Theft Auto, inasmuch as you can call any game "serious" which cracks wise about paedophilia in its debut trailer. It will reach beyond violence and slapstick to Serious Topics, like Immigration, Substance Abuse and Misdeeds Coming Back To Haunt You.

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hennessey862062d ago

who really enjoyed GTA 4, I still play it to this day. It wasn't the bast GTA but its not a bad game, just like the ferrari ff isn't the best ferrari but damn is it a great car

acemonkey2062d ago

i loved it dont really see all the hate towards it... it dont have jetpacks it sucks.... come on stop hating...cant fly stop bitching lol

Rampaged Death2062d ago

I enjoyed it. It had some great characters.

OcelotRigz2062d ago

Just one of the greatest games of all time is all. I loved it, i dont understand the "overrated" remarks about it, but it doesnt surprise me either. Different taste and all that.

If more people put the time and effort into a game like Rockstar do, gaming would be so much better. Instead we have the same games every year with a bit of polish, things that a good patch could of done, i.e. COD, FIFA, PES etc...

honkyjesus2062d ago

It was rated as the number one game this generation. That is why gamers say it is overrated.

t0mmyb0y2062d ago

I played the sh!t out of GTA4. Can't wait for V.

Psychotica2059d ago

I loved it, the game had so much replay value.

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GraveLord2062d ago

They should keep realistic like GTA IV but have some cheats so it can be fun as well. And PLEASE let the cheats be used towards trophies. It's the stupidest thing ever that if you use cheats in GTAIV you can't get trophies. YOU GUYS BUILT THE CHEATS INTO THE GAME! LET US USE THEM!

Ocelot5252062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

I agree with the realistic part
I disagree with allowing trophies when cheating part

should I now press the disagree button or the agree button? I'll let George Boole decide:

true and false == false

sorry bro

Persistantthug2062d ago

Was GTA 4 really that hard?

Pushagree2062d ago

GTA IV's only problem was lack of content, something ps3 exclusitivity could have fixed. Bring back the planes, cars, motorcycles, and boats that were missing from IV and we will be happy. Dont emulate Saints row for story though. GTA IV story was great.

steve30x2062d ago

If you want a silly sandbox game then play Saints Row.

dc12062d ago

Which by the way ...was Great!!

Oh..and I'm looking forward to GTA V.

honkyjesus2062d ago

The quality bar for the series is so low for what their fans will go apeshit for they could put out a turd and it would sell well and get Metacritic gold. Oh wait, that is GTA4.

Look at RDR and LA Noire, LA Noire would have been a ghetto Heavy Rain if not for Rockstar wanting to pretend they developed it and marketed it as such. Just glad that there are better things to play.

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