OXM: The Hot Topic: do we need a new Xbox?

You couldn't ask for a Hotter Topic than next generation hardware. In this month's feline face-off, Mike and Log do battle over whether we need a new Xbox. Is the Xbox 360 maxed out, bled dry, run ragged? Must we shell out on another console to stave off creative and technological stagnation?

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stonecold32393d ago

yep they need a need a new console asap ?

ZippyZapper2393d ago

Why so you can get your first Xbox?

Oldman1002393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I'm Ron Burgundy?

Snookies122393d ago

Xbox? Yes... Playstation? No... Honestly it all comes down to hardware. The 360 is just getting old, sure new iterations help a bit, but that doesn't change what's inside. PS3 is still running alright, it can last another couple of years.

hennessey862393d ago

I think both of them are struggling now, look at killzone 3 and you don't have to look far to see where the devs had to cut back, its the same on 360 with gears 3

BitbyDeath2393d ago

Disagree, Playstation needs more memory so it can properly multi-task in the OS and the only way we'll see that is with a new console.

lastdual2393d ago

That's exactly it. Both consoles might have more life in them (especially the PS3 with bluray) if they had been packed with at least a gig of RAM, but with their current memory limitations the reality is there's only so much optimization you can do.

Ambitious games that have a lot going on often have to sacrifice resolution or frame rate for the hardware to keep up.

Felinox2393d ago

I think both sony and ms pobably wish they would have upped the original ram to a gig. Seems to be the biggest bottleneck of current hardware. Wouldnt have added that much to cost even six years ago. That would have extended life cycle tremendously. Thats why im apauled at the rumors of next gen only having 2 gigs of ram. Its so cheap now. Eight gigs zo its not an issue four years after launch.

Animals_as_Leaders2393d ago

Both the 360 and PS3 run games at 720p and 30 frames or less with primarily linear games, and if there is ever a difference between console versions of multiplats, it usually goes in favour of the 360.

All current consoles need replacing.

Snookies122393d ago

Well I can see the disagrees points as well. That the PS3 could use some improvement, however I said that it's running "alright" not perfect. It's not going to last forever, but honestly I think it can hold out at least another year or two. Xbox just needs a Blu-ray drive, it really does. That's the main thing holding it back.

dark-hollow2393d ago

It cant handle cross chat for gods sake!
Both hardwares are seriously outdated

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ExPresident2393d ago

Won't matter, this debate will continue the day they are released, probably before. The hardware used in either device will already be outdated by the time the product hits the shelves.

I'm not knocking the console makers, I'm knocking the "gaming media" and elitists who will be the ones nitpicking. Until the new consoles are released I'll do what a gamer does and enjoy every good game I can.

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C0MPUT3R2393d ago

Nope. Lets play the same old shit for the rest of our lives. /s

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