Gamesradar: Why the next generation Xbox and PlayStation Are coming soon

So the rumours of the next generation of consoles are coming thick and fast. As thick and fast, in fact, as a sweet, frothy milkshake served from the catering trolley of the Japanese Bullet Train. There are a ton of variants, a ton of angles, and most importantly, a metric shedload of vested interests at play. And naturally, such a broiling cauldron of conflicting influences is usually likely to impart naught but a seething broth of purest acrid bullshit.

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Colwyn2277d ago

because the hardcore needs a powerful console as soon as possible

The Meerkat2277d ago

You'll get many disagrees for that comment.

Because this gen is NOT allowed to end until the PS3 has surpassed the 360 in world wide sales.

RedDead2277d ago

YOU will get many disagrees for that comment.

Ps3 and Xbawks are out of power now. They are falling behind and alot of Devs want to move on. Such as Dice

fluffydelusions2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Next gen visuals are already available on PC if that is all your after. I game on PC as well as console but honestly I'm quite happy with 360/PS3 though I wouldn't say no if they were to release something new tomorrow.

Animals_as_Leaders2277d ago

It's even possible that better than next gen visuals are already available on PC. But as a result of some developers being pc-phobic, there will always be a need for consoles.

There are basically no JRPGs on PC and fighting games are limited to Street Fighter, and of course there will never be a Zelda PC I can't wait for next gen to bring the gaming industry up to speed.

I wouldn't say no to a DX11 standard for all games on PC as a result of next gen, and I wouldn't scoff at an FFXV in 1080p 60 frames on the PS4 either...

Shnazzyone2277d ago

I heard PS vita was the last sony game console.

thekiddfran2277d ago

How did you get 5 agrees for that stupid comment?

Shnazzyone2276d ago

8 actually. only 11 disagrees. Obviously what I heard was true.

matey2277d ago

So did i Vita the last feather in Sonys bow.

WiiU will destroy 720 in raw graphics.

AgentWD402277d ago

we don't no the wiiu final specs and no jack about either the 720 or ps4 so I will wait for cold hard facts before making statements like that

theeg2277d ago

2012, 3 new consoles!

lets hope!

PS4OUR2277d ago

If anyone wants a HUGE leap in power its best to hope Sony and MS release in 2014/2015. Vita + PS3 is good enough to see off WiiU with PS Move extending the shelf life of PS3. The same with 360 and Kinect. Next gen in 2015 please with 580GTX equivilent please

yabhero2276d ago

I keep LOLing when I see people comparing PS3 plus Vita to WiiU. The Know the WiiU is somewhere between 2-5 times the power of PS3 and every WiiU owner will have a WiiUPad. Every game will be designed for use with the controller . The vita ps3 thing is just a nice feature/add on. Next gen needs to start ASAP. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are too weak to handle high quality games for much longer. NExt gen starts this fall... Get over it.

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