1up Review: Soulcalibur V Redefines Namco's Flagship Weapon-Based Fighter

Since then the series has continued to enjoy a reputation as one of the most accessible fighting games ever created -- and Soulcalibur V continues to thrive on that same idea. But perhaps the series' most important contribution to the world of kickpunch games is the hefty amounts of depth layered within each installment. Sure, a button-mashing novice could... well... mash away at the controller and discover useful moves to win, but a hardcore player could take that knowledge one step further and perform a dizzying series of juggling combos that could crush the soul of any irreverent newbie.

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h311rais3r2388d ago

Great game. Wish single player was on par with 2 and 3 though....systematically choosing your battles an leveling up to unlock equipment was great

unknownhero11232388d ago

it's a good game despite the lack of arcade endings.