Final Fantasy XIII: Recapping The Essentials

GameInformer: Final Fantasy XIII-2 is in stores today, but its predecessor came out almost two years ago. That’s enough time to forget some important events (especially since some of them never even made sense), so here’s a recap of five key points from FF XIII that you should keep in mind as you start up FF XIII-2.

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josephayal2300d ago

FFXIII wasn't just a bad Final Fantasy, but a bad game in general.

Godmars2902300d ago


People may say if the game hadn't been called or been part of teh FF franchise it wouldn't have gotten all the flack it has, but then another game like this would have had more game content and story substance to it. Wouldn't have relied on the franchise name.

Redempteur2300d ago

You guys probably never played bad games to spout such nonsense