SoulCalibur V – Great way to kick-off 2012 (COIN-OP TV)

Surprise, surprise — SoulCalibur V is a fantastic game! Gamers were initially skeptically by the short announcement period but we’re happy to say that nothing in SoulCalibur V feels rushed – well, nothing except that lack of animation in ‘story mode’ – more on that later!

A good majority in the fighting game community loved the SoulCalibur series up until IV – so in many ways there is a lot riding on the fifth installment in the series. SoulCalibur V is about calculated attacks and motion and the 3D environment means that vertical or horizontal movement come heavily into play. Project Soul spared no efforts in their attention to detail and art style – SCV looks and sounds amazing.

Brave Edge and Critical Edge are new power attacks and finishing moves introduced in SoulCalibur V – helping diversify the cinematic sequences and break up the action. Ezio Auditore de Firenze from Ubisoft’s flagship franchise Assassin’s Creed is a playable character in the game and offers much in the way of ranged attacks using his crossbow and hidden gun. We were pleasantly surprised by how delightfully diverse the character creation mode was in SoulCalibur V – we spent time making anime characters from scratch – be sure to watch those videos from @MagumaUsagi.

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