G4TV: Twisted Metal Single-Player Preview

G4TV: David Jaffe joins Morgan Webb for an X-Play Exclusive look at the single-player in the upcoming Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3, checking out a boss and the addition of a deeper, more complex story.

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LackTrue4K2363d ago

this is a sick ass game!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biohazard88602363d ago

I played the demo today it was awesome cant wait too pick this up on the 14th ! ...... o and for the people saying its gonna flop like just give it a chance try it out its pretty awesome.

LackTrue4K2363d ago

i really have to get this game, It's giving me good memories of the ps2! My only issue is the controls need some getting use to! Its been that long or thiz casual games 5hit are messing me up!

K-Nubs2363d ago

I've got that demo level down pact. Every time I played I was finding new nooks and destructibles. Very rewarding to go and explore the levels.

brettyd2363d ago

This game is just plain fun, if you don't like having fun don't buy this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.