Top 100 USA Pre Orders

VGChartz: The Top 100 USA Pre Orders list consists of all retail games released from late 2009 onwards in the USA.

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Bundi2276d ago

MAG's first week sales were lower than the pre-orders. Lol. What?

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EVILDEAD3602276d ago

List speaks volumes at the anticipation level of some of these franchises.

Top 5 were all on the 360
Halo Reach
Gears of War 3
Black Ops

What is crazy is 8 games on the 360 all had over a million preorders.

I absolutely love the fact tht Elder Scrolls: Skrim had over a million preorders on the 360 alone.

good stuff


DiRtY2276d ago

North America is Xbox country! First PS3 exclusive at No. 23 made me lol. Halo Reach alone has about the same number of preorders as all PS3 exclusives combined.

DiRtY2276d ago

Why all the disagrees? I only stated facts. Okay the only mistake was that the first PS3 exclusive is at no. 26 instead of 23 but something tells me that this was not the issue.